A documentary film project by Nathalie Marcault  

Produced by Alter Ego

with writing residence in Mellionec
with scriptwriting support from the Region of Brittany and the CNC (National Center for Cinema and the Moving Image)
with development support from
 Ciclic / Region of Centre-Val de Loire and Procirep-Angoa
with creation support for a first feature film from Ciclic / Region of Centre-Val de Loire
with production support of Britanny

One day I was struck by this phrase: « To not be a mother is to miss out on half of the world. » The words are Marguerite Duras’. I am not a mother. Have I missed out on half of the world? I decided to do some research, to try to come as close as possible to this experience that I will never truly have. I want to know the other half of this world holds.