A documentary film project by Stefano Savona  

Animation by Simone Massi

A Picofilms / Dugong Production/ Alter Ego coproduction
Arte France Cinéma / Rai Cinéma / Jour2fête / Doc&Film

French funding:
recipient of the SCAM « Brouillon d’un Rêve » grant
with scriptwriting and development support from the CNC (National Center for Cinema and the Moving Image)-FAIA
with development and short film production support from Ciclic / Region of Centre-Val de Loire
with production support from ACM at the CNC
with the support of Eurimages
Italian funding:
with production support from MIBAC, Trentino Film Commission and the Cineteca di Bologna

Named after the Samouni extended family, the Samouni Road is a rural lane in the southern outskirts of Gaza City.
The movie will tell the story of this peaceful, well-off group of rural owners who had been able to survive almost unscathed throughout the last 60 years of repeated wars and military occupation, until the massacre of 29 of its members by an elite unit of the Israeli Army in the first days of the ground offensive in Gaza in January 2009.

By a mixed narrative, interspersing unique documentary material with a number of narrative sequences recreating in 2D traditional animation the key moments in the previous history of the neighborhood, the movie will try to convey a deep, moving and multifaceted portrait of this peasant community.