A documentary film by Lætitia Mikles

79 min / documentary / 2019
Alter Ego / Night Light / TV7 Bordeaux

with scriptwriting support from TV7 as part of its call for documentary projects
with development support from the Region of the Nouvelle Aquitaine, Ciclic / Region of Centre-Val de Loire, Procirep-Angoa and the CNC – Fond Images de la diversité
with production support from Ciclic / Region of Centre-Val de Loire, Region of the Nouvelle Aquitaine, Procirep-Angoa and the CNCV7 dans le cadre de son appel à projet documentaire
with the participation of the city of Hendaye and Sixt. Accompany
of ALCA Nouvelle-Aquitaine

One day Abdel unexpectedly falls in love with Brel’s songs. This encounter will go on to change his life.

Festival Selection:

La Rochelle International Film Festival – France – 2019
Douarnenez Film Festival – France – 2019
BAFF- Brussels Art Film Festival – Belgium – 2019 – Film on Art Prize
FIPADOC – France – 2020