A feature documentary project by Penelope Bortoluzzi

Production: Alter Ego / Picofilms (France) / Videomante (Italy)

recipient of the SCAM  « Brouillon d’un Rêve » grant
with scriptwriting supports from
 the CNC-FAIA, Ciclic-Centre-Val de Loire Region and Normandy Region
with development supports from CNC-FAIA and Procirep-Angoa
with international co-development support from Ciclic-Centre-Val de Loire Region and the French-Italian agreement of CNC-MIBACT
project developed at the EAVE 2019 workshop

The mid-1970s, Venice, Italy. Two young lovers run away to Nigeria.
They escape from their families who condemn their romance. In Africa, they work on a building site: one of the world’s largest dams is under construction.
Their love story mingles with the epic of a colossal project.