The Lost Boys of La Belle Etoile

a documentary project by Clémence Davigo

Production : Alter Ego / Lyon Capitale TV / Tënk / in partnership with Médiapart

with the screenwriting support of CNC-FAIA
with the development support of Procirep-Angoa, Alca-Nouvelle-Aquitaine Region, Ciclic-Centre-Val de Loire Region and CNC-FAIA
with the production supports of Procirep-Angoa, CNC-FSA, Ciclic-Centre-Val de Loire Region and Alca-New Aquitaine Region

Reunited for a summer, Dédé, Michel, Daniel, and André show us a time, not so long ago, when children had to be broken, then tamed. Empowered by their friendship and mutual support, they decide to break the silence about their traumatic childhood at the Catholic correctional center La Belle Etoile.